Will I be able to buy a house after I file bankruptcy?

Will I be able to buy a house after filing bankruptcy?

Yes, you can buy a house after you file bankruptcy. If you want to buy a home after filing bankruptcy you should make sure you rebuild your credit score by building credit. If you want the lowest interest rates possible, you would want to make sure you make your credit score as high as possible. Subscribe to and monitor your score and rebuild your credit. It is possible to be as little as two years or four years to get an FHA or conventional loan.

A lot of people want to know if they can ever buy a house if they have filed bankruptcy. The law does not prevent you from ever buying a house or getting a mortgage because you filed bankruptcy. Remember, mortgages are a business. There is also owner-financing, but make sure you understand all the terms of the mortgage.

It also depends on what kind of bankruptcy you filed, if you filed a chapter 13 in Houston, you would need permission from the Court if you are still in the chapter 13 case. We have requested permission and have been granted permission before.

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