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What our Houston bankruptcy lawyer will need from you, in general: 

1) 7 (seven) months of most recent pay stubs for you and your spouse (if married), even if you are filing alone. 

2) Proof of any other income for the most recent 7 (seven) months. 

3) If self-employed, a profit and loss statement for the most recent 7 (seven) months.

4) Bank statements for the most recent 7 (seven) months for all your bank accounts, including your spouse's (if married), even if you are filing alone. This includes credit unions, online accounts, and anything that is a financial account and deposit account.

5) Tax returns for the most recent 2 two years. 

6) Your collection letters, statements from creditors, debts, bills from creditors/debts (except current ongoing utilities, like your light, car insurance, cell, and gas bill), lawsuit documents (if involved in a lawsuit in past 2 years), divorce decrees (if divorced in the past 8 years). Payday loan debts and medical bills are often not on credit reports, so be sure to provide all of those to us. Our office will pull all three of your credit reports and include every debt that appears on them, in addition to the debts that you provide to us. 

7) Complete the 1st class, called credit counseling before filing the case.

8) Answer a list of questions that we will provide to you.

9) Sometimes, depending on your case, we need other documents specific to you. 



Process: Call us to make a free consultation. Speak with a bankruptcy attorney, ask any questions you have about bankruptcy. Let us ask you questions to help us prepare a your case. If everything is perfectly fine, provide us the fees and the necessary documents, and we will prepare your case as soon as possible. Once it is ready, sign your case, and the bankruptcy lawyer in Houston files it electronically. Cheers. 

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