Too young to file bankruptcy?

Am I too young to file bankruptcy? Is there an age limit to filing bankruptcy?

You are not too young to file bankruptcy, and there is no age limit on filing bankruptcy per se. Many factors that motivate people to filing bankruptcy could happen at any age. These include medical debt, student loan debt, and possible vehicle repossession. If you file bankruptcy at a young age, it does not prevent you from filing again in the future if you have no other choice in the future. There may be a waiting period to refile, which depends on what chapter you filed under and will file under the second time, which is discussed in another blog post. However, this waiting period does not have anything to do with your age. Often times people regret not filing bankruptcy sooner. For more information on filing bankruptcy in Houston, contact the Rashid Law Firm for a free consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer at 832-209-8833.

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