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Possible questions at the Meeting of Creditors

The following is a list of possible questions that will be asked at the meeting of creditors. Although it is called a meeting of creditors, creditors rarely show up. It is in fact a meeting with a trustee where you will be placed under oath under penalty of perjury and will ask some questions.

You must bring your Social Security Card and Driver's License to this meeting.

1. Did you sign the petitions, schedules, statements, and related documents filed with the court?

2. Did you read the petition, schedules, statements, and related documents?

3. Do you still live at the address you lived at when you filed bankruptcy?

4. Is the information contained in the petition true and correct?

5. Are there any errors or omissions to bring to my attention?

6. Are all of your assets identified in the schedules?

7. Do you still work where you used to work when you filed bankruptcy?

8. Have you made any transfer of any property within the last year?

9. Do you have a claim against anyone?

10. Are you a plaintiff in any lawsuit?

11. Are you expecting to receive an inheritance or life insurance as a result of someone's death?

12. Does anyone owe you money? Is the money collectible? Why haven't you collected it? Who owes the money and where are they?

13. Have you been engaged in any business in the past six years? Where and when? What happened to the assets of the business?

14. Are you responsible for paying any child support or alimony?

The Chapter 7 Trustee is trying to find assets that are non-exempt, or unprotected, so he or she can sell those assets and distribute the funds to your creditors.

The Chapter 13 Trustee's focus is on the details of your monthly income and expenses for purposes of determining his or her stance on your projected monthly payment plan.

The questions above may not be asked in every case, but they provide a good sample of the types of questions you may experience.

For more information on the bankruptcy meeting of creditors, contact the Rashid Law Firm in Houston, Texas by dialing 832-209-8833.

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