More Bankruptcy Myths

Some things about bankruptcy are often said that are just not true. There are some other blog entries on here listing some bankruptcy myths, here are some more bankruptcy myths. 

1. Myth -Your spouse has to file with you. This is not true. You can file a bankruptcy under either Chapter 7 or 13 by yourself even if you are married. Your spouse does not need to sign off on your bankruptcy.

2. Myth - I owe too much to file bankruptcy. This is not true. While Chapter 13 does have a debt limit that may prevent a filing under Chapter 13, Chapter 7 does not have any debt limits if you qualify.

3. Myth - You cannot file bankruptcy if you work at a bank or cash register. This is not true. Plenty of people that work in banks or handle money file bankruptcy with no difference whatsoever compared to people that work elsewhere.

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