Imagine having no debts

Bankruptcy frees up money. You can save hundreds or thousands per month, and ultimately, tens of thousands of dollars that you would otherwise have been legally obligated to pay back had you not filed bankruptcy. What can a creditor do if you don't file bankruptcy and you don't pay them? Many, many things. The most sever ones, in Texas, would be freezing your bank accounts and taking 100% of your money from your bank accounts. In other states they garnish wages, but they only garnish a percent of the wages. Here, they take 100% of your bank account. That leaves you cashing in checks at check-cashing places, which incur very high fees each and every time you do so. In addition, you cannot really save money in a bank at all. Please, consider bankruptcy if you are in debt. Call the Rashid Law Firm. The consultation is free, and only lasts 30 minutes to an hour at most. If you want a bankruptcy lawyer in Houston that will work with you, then call us now to schedule your confidential, friendly meeting. Leave your debt problems in our office, that is our job, and we love it.

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