How many foreclosures are there in Houston and what day and time do they foreclose?

How many foreclosures are there in Houston?

Did you know that in Houston, approximately 2,000 homes face foreclosure every month during the 2012 calendar year? If we add in the rest of Harris County, the number jumps to around 4,000.

What day is foreclosure day? Tuesday is foreclosure day. Specifically, the first Tuesday of every month is when homes face foreclosure in Houston. Actually, in all of Texas, not just Houston, the first Tuesday of every month is called foreclosure day because it is the only day a foreclosure sale can ocurr. The foreclosure also has to be between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

How can I stop a foreclosure in Houston? One way is to file bankruptcy. Bankruptcy stops foreclosures through a legal protection known as the "automatic stay." Through filing bankruptcy, you can also pay back the past due payments of your mortgage to become current on you payments and keep your home.

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