Future Retirees' and Senior Citizens filing for Bankruptcy

Seniors filing for Bankruptcy

Retirement seems impossible by the way the economy is going. A lot of things factor into future retirees' financial difficulties, but most common are: a sudden loss in income, retirement income way less than anticipated, the unexpected need to support adult children or grandchildren, and especially some unexpected medical bills not covered by medicare or insurance.

You can't spend your retirement years struggling with debt that you will never be able to pay off. If you are retired, you do not have wages, and therefore you do not have wages that can be garnished. It is very difficult for a creditor to garnish a pension.

If you are retired and in debt, then this is a stressful time when it should not be, so consider all of your options before you decide on a course of action. Try to see bankruptcy as a financial decision instead of a death sentence. Bankruptcy can possibly help you get out of your tough financial situation. Limited income does not help, so why not consider getting rid of the debt by filing a bankruptcy? Bills pile up whether we like to believe it or not, and if doing something like bankruptcy may help, then please learn more about it and how it will benefit you in the long run.

For a serious discussion on bankruptcy in or around the Houston area, schedule a free meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer from the Rashid Law Firm by calling us at 832-209-8833 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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