Do not file bankruptcy without a lawyer

Filing bankruptcy without a lawyer is a very dangerous decision to make. You can:

  • lose money (lose much more money than you would had you been represented by a bankruptcy attorney in Houston from the Rashid Law Firm)

  • lose your home

  • lose your car

  • lose your property or assets

  • have your bankruptcy case dismissed without eliminating your debts

  • commit fraud

  • realize you would have been better off not filing bankruptcy

  • lose an inheritance

  • have your case stay open longer than necessary

  • waste a lot of time

  • have a huge unnecessary headache

  • file to soon or too late

  • have a lawsuit you are involved in as plaintiff thrown out

  • fail to file a necessary motion

  • file the wrong documents

  • go to jail

Please do not hesitate to contact our office if you have any questions or concerns on bankruptcy in or around Houston.