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Basic Chapter 7 Time Line

8 Years Before Filing

You must wait for 8 years from the date of a previous Chapter 7 discharge to file another Chapter 7. 

6 Years Before Filing.

You must wait for 6 years from the date of a previous Chapter 13 filing to file a Chapter 7. 

180 Days Before Filing

You must receive a certificate of credit counseling within 180 before filing to file a Chapter 7. 

90 Days Before Filing

Payment to creditors within 90 days of filing may be considered preference payments and the bankruptcy court may recover the payment. 

You generally must reside in the district in which you are filing your case within 90 days before filing. 

Debt for luxury good or services within 90 days of filing is nondischargable. 

70 Days Before Filing

Any cash advance of $750 or more is nondischargable if received within 70 before filing. 

Day of Filing

The case begins the day of filing the case with the bankruptcy court. An automatic stay is issued, which informs creditors that they cannot begin or continue collection efforts while the stay is in valid. A trustee is appointed in your case. 

Approximately 45 Days After Filing

Your 341 Meeting of Creditors will be held. If you do not attend this meeting, your case will be dismissed. 

Approximately 105 Days After Filing

If there are no objections, the trustee will file the discharge of your debts.

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