Learn about bankruptcy.

Learning is great. Knowledge is power. Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.

So, where can you go to learn more about whether or not to file bankruptcy? You can read this website and this bankruptcy blog, or, if you live in or around Houston, you can come into one of the Rashid Law Firm's two bankruptcy offices for a free meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer. Just call and schedule the meeting, we sometimes have same-day appointments available, and we open on Saturdays too if your schedule does not permit Monday to Friday meetings.

If you are in so much debt problems that you cannot sleep at night, or if it is causing you anxiety, or stress, and you do not know of a solid way out, please call us. We make the process as easy as possible for our clients. We only practice bankruptcy, and we have among the best reviews and ratings.

How long is a meeting? Most of them are 30 minutes, sometimes up to an hour if necessary.

The meeting is of course 100% confidential.

Bankruptcy lawyers are in this business because they enjoy helping people in bad debt situations come out of the hole they are in. We enjoy seeing our clients relieved. We enjoy seeing the results of a good bankruptcy case. We enjoy helping clients get back into a life where they do not have debt on their shoulders, weighing them down wherever they go. We also enjoy helping people get a badly needed break, such as the ability to catch up on past due car or mortgage payments. Bankruptcy clients are in the postion they are in because of factors usually out of their control, such as medical illness, or a death in the family, or divorce, or sudden unemployment or underemployment, or a change of circumstances in their lives that was completely unanticipated, or having no help from family, basically, honest but unfortunate people.

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