Financial trouble keeps Americans up at night

I always had a feeling it were true, but did not have any research to support my belief. My clients mentioned it often, it even has happened to me. Financial trouble keeps people up at night. A recent poll conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International on found that 62 percent of adult Americans are losing sleep at night because of financial trouble. That is more than half of adults in America not sleeping good at night, due to financial trouble.

Are you losing sleep? Are you worried about your debts? Are you worried about your house, car, credit score, collectors, bank levies, wage garnishments, anything of that nature? Are you in the Houston area? Then please do not hesitate to call us at the Rashid Law Firm for a free consultation with a bankruptcy attorney at any of our two offices at 832-209-8833. We love seeing the relief clients experience after they file bankuptcy. They often even express relief right after the initial consultation is over and we are saying bye to each other.

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