1 in 954 Harris County homes in Foreclosure

According to RealtyTrac 1 in 954 homes in Harris County are in Foreclosure. There were more foreclosures in October 2012 in Harris County than in any other county in Texas. The next county with the most foreclosures was Dallas County. If your home is facing foreclosure or you have missed more than two payments, you have bankruptcy as an option to save your home and eliminate debt that may be making it harder for you to make your mortgage payments. Through a chapter 13 payment plan you can pay the arrears (past due payments) over a period of 3 to 5 years, while making your current monthly mortgage payments. Once the plan is done, you would have caught up your home and saved it from foreclosure.

Lender approval is not required in bankruptcy, unlike with a short sale where lender approval is needed.

For more information on how bankruptcy stops foreclosure and saves homes, contact a Houston bankruptcy attorney at the Rashid Law Firm.