What happens if I don't answer a credit card lawsuit in Houston?

What happens if I don't answer a credit card lawsuit? This is a common question we receive in our office. We hear this question almost once a month. The first thing that would happen if you never file a response to a lawsuit for credit card debt is that the credit card company will receive a judgment in their favor. A judgment can appear on your credit report, and a bank account with your name on it can be seized. The seizure of the bank account results in the withdrawal by the credit card company of your funds. This can happen suddenly without further warning.

One way to stop the credit card lawsuit is to file bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can also stop a judgment from being able to seize your funds if you already have a judgment against you and your money has not been taken yet.

In some cases, a bankruptcy filing can even recoup the funds that were taken by the credit card company.

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