How do we benefit in hiring an attorney to represent us in a bankruptcy?

How do we benefit in hiring an attorney to represent us in a bankruptcy?

Can we file our own bankruptcy? The answer is yes, we can. We are allowed to do so, but the real question is, if we file our own bankruptcy will it be successful? A very small percentage of those filing pro-se are ever successful.

What an attorney normally does is: they analyze the amount of the debts owed by us to determine whether bankruptcy is the best remedy for our financial problems. Not all debts are dischargeable, a bankruptcy attorney has the knowledge from previous experience on how that would work for us. They review our payment history and transfers to determine possible exposure. How much we spend and on what, is it a necessity to be honest with an attorney so they can help us better. They file the petition, schedules, statements, and a myriad of other federally and locally required documents that go along with the bankruptcy. Do we all know what these schedules are supposed to pertain to? A bankruptcy attorney does.

These are only a few reasons of how hiring a bankruptcy attorney would benefit us. Bankruptcy is a complicated, hyper-technical area of law that sometimes we are unable to do without help. The biggest help we can offer is to hire an attorney that only practices bankruptcy.

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