Radi graduated from law school in 2008. He practices exclusively bankruptcy law. He has represented his clients in over 3,000 different bankruptcy proceedings and has personally filed over 900 different bankruptcy cases. He authored a book on Bankruptcy, available on Amazon. He is a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, the State Bar of Texas Bankruptcy Law Section, and the Houston Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.


Over 25 attorneys have endorsed him, and he has over 250 excellent client reviews and testimonials. He is one of the top three rated bankruptcy attorneys in Houston by threebestrated.com and a Top Lawyer by HTexas Magazine.

We know that the vast majority of you work hard. That's why we make sure that our office is open during the day, sometimes we stay into the evening, and we also are available Saturdays. We try to meet when it's convenient for you, and as fast as possible. Please call to make an appointment today. 

We have eliminated millions of dollars of debt. Each case is unique, just like the people that file them. Bankruptcy law is is all we do. We do not practice immigration on the side, or divorce, or criminal defense. Every federal district has its own local rules. Every judge has his or her own standing orders. Every bankruptcy trustee has his or her own process. You want your attorneys to know these details inside and out. That's difficult to do when you practice in multiple states or multiple cities, or multiple practice areas.

We love what we do. We would do it for free if we could. In fact, the saying that "if you love what you do, then you never have to work a day in your life" absolutely applies to us. We love what we do and we do it right. 

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