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How to Eliminate Debt:

Bankruptcy can eliminate all your debt, with some exeptions.Generally, credit card debt, personal loans, payday loans, bank loans, medical debt, past repossessions, past evictions, past cel phone bills, and many other types of debt known as unsecured nonpriority debt are dischargable in bankruptcy. You can obtain a fresh start through filing a bankruptcy case.'

Eliminate debt
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Client Reviews:

"I am truly one of the most satisfied clients of all time!I came into Attorney Rashid's office on a Friday evening... one business day before my home was going to be foreclosed. I was reluctant to trust anyone as a result all of the misleading information that I had received from my mortgage company. Mr. Rashid was kind, patient, understanding and extremely knowledgableof what needed to be done to file the proper bankruptcy. He not only reassured me that he would file all of the necessary papers to prevent the foreclosure, he also worked all day on Saturdayto make sure that I had everything in place so I would not lose my home.

Before I came into Attorney's Rashid's office, I had gone to one of the "top" bankruptcy firms in Houston. After my consultation with them, I was sent away because I did not have my taxes up to date. I promised them that I could go and have my taxes done that day but they refused to help me. They werenonchalant regarding my dyer situation, I left in tears. I called Attorney Rashid's law firm immediately after leaving this "top" bankruptcy firm and after I explained my situation, was asked to come over immediately. Attorney Rashid was there, on time with a reassuring smile,willing to help me do what it took to save my home. He allowed me that time to get my taxes done and on Tuesday, the day my home was to be foreclosed ... it was not!

I am very happy to say that I been have approved for my home modification and my monthly mortgage is hundreds lower than they were before.

If it had not been for Attorney Rashid, my home, that I have been in for over 22 years, would have been foreclosed!

He is a consummate professional whotruly cares about his clients. His firm should be labeled the "TOP BANKRUPTCY FIRM" in Houston, possibly the nation.

Thank you again Attorney Rashid for everything ... you are the best!"

-L. H.

""I strongly recommend Rashid Law Firm. Mr. Rashid is an ethical, friendly and highly skilled bankruptcy attorney who treats clients with respect and walks them through the bankruptcy process. Mr. Rashid answered all of my questions in easy to understand terms, recommended resources that would save time and money during the filing process,quickly filed my case and made sure that all of my documentation was in order before my bankruptcy hearing. At my bankruptcy hearing I watched two people ahead of me spend over 45 minutes each arguing their case only to leave unhappy because their documentation was not in order. My hearing lasted a few minutes and my filling was approved. I credit Mr. Rashid's legal arguments and thorough documentation for my case's swift resolution. Also, Mr. Rashid was the second attorney I hired. My previous attorney struck me as unethical and I decided to hire someone else. Mr. Rashid handled my case in a thoroughlyethical, courteous and professional manner. You can trust him to do the same with you case.""

- R.C


"Mr. Rashid, First and foremost, I want to thank you for making this experience a positive and stress free one. I came into this not knowing what to expect and I have to say that you have diligently proven that you are a professional and genuinely care for the well being of individuals. Thank you very much, I am so grateful."

- L.J.

"Thank you so much, we will refer you to our friends if they needed an attorney."

- E.S.

"Radi has helped me and my family immensly. A friend of mine recomended Mr. Rashid to me after he had to file banckrupcy last year, and i have to say working with Radi has been an excellent experience. I thank my friend for the referral,it couldn't have possibly been easier."

- E. E.

"Mr. Rashid was very helpful in helping me determine a course of action with my situation. His attention to detail and willingness to answer all questions help me put things in perspective and feel confident in my decision. I highly recommend his firm."


"I will recommend Rashid Law Firm to anybody. I am not from Houston and I was a little nervous about filing bankruptcy because I did not know anything about Law in Texas. I researched Rashid Law Firm and found that the reviews were pretty good and the cost for a Chapter 7 was just right. When I contacted the law firm the staff was very supportive and friendly. Working with Rashid Law Firm made filing bankruptcy so mucheasier and stress free. I had issues with getting to the office during the day; Rashid stayed late nights with me making sure my case was done right. I use to email him late nights and each time I got a response back quickly. He educated me on my finances, best bankruptcy filing for me, maintaining a good credit score, and how to get my credit back in good standing. I will use his service again and again if I have too. Rashid Law Firm gets the job done quickly."

- M.R.S.

"Rashid Law Firm is the best choice I have ever made when dealing with financial issues. Rashid wasvery patient, worked late nights on my case, and provided me supporteven after all debt was charge out of court. I will refer Rashid Law Firm to everybody I know and don't know. I was very happy with how Rashid handle my chapter 7 case. He isvery professional and diligent individual who worked overtime all the time. I would like to thank him again for all his hard work and support with my case."


"All meetings with Lawyer Rashid and staff were professional and courteous. All of our questions were answered, and everything proceeded Exactly as advised. I recommend this Law firm to my family and friends."


"Look no further if your gonna file bankruptcy this lawyer has very reasonable rates, he will patiently and clearly explain the process. I was able to pay weekly, monthly or save up and pay all at once I was treated with respect and dignity he answered all my questions and concerns clearly and throughly when it came time to go to court everything went exactly like he said it would was in and out in about 10 minutes...I HIGHLY RECOMMENDING THIS LAWYER PEOPLE LOOK NO FURTHER"


"Mr. Rashid is an excellent lawyer in his area of Bankruptcy. I had an wonderful experience working with him. He processed my case in the shortest possible time. I was in the urge to file my case and complete the court proceedings before I leave for my country.

I would suggest him for any bankruptcy related case filing and advice. He should deserve a five stars for his service to the clients."


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