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Radi M. Rashid, Bankruptcy Lawyer

Endorsements from Lawyers: (and there are more)

“If all else fails, the last resort could be to file for bankruptcy. You can't discharge some kinds of debt in bankruptcy, like certain government debts. But you can probably get the wage withholding stopped. The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys has a directory of lawyers.”
-CNN Money

“For help finding a bankruptcy lawyer check the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys website.”
-Fox Business

"It’s a plus if the attorney is a member of a specialty law organization like the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, as it usually means they have advanced training in the field."

“Be sure everything is clear to you about personal bankruptcy by using online resources at the National Association for Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys”
-Dodd-Frank Certification

"Handpicked Top 3 Bankruptcy Lawyers in Houston, TX. We checked customer reviews, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost and their general excellence. You deserve only the best in life!"


Client Reviews & Testimonials:

"I am truly one of the most satisfied clients of all time!I came into Attorney Rashid's office on a Friday evening... one business daybefore my home was going to be foreclosed. I was reluctant to trust anyone as a result all of the misleading information that I had received from my mortgage company. Mr. Rashid was kind, patient, understanding and extremely knowledgableof what needed to be done to file the proper bankruptcy. He not only reassured me that he would file all of the necessary papers to prevent the foreclosure, he also worked all day on Saturdayto make sure that I had everything in place so I would not lose my home.

Before I came into Attorney's Rashid's office, I had gone to one of the "top" bankruptcy firms in Houston. After my consultation with them, I was sent away because I did not have my taxes up to date. I promised them that I could go and have my taxes done that day but they refused to help me. They werenonchalant regarding my dyer situation, I left in tears. I called Attorney Rashid's law firm immediately after leaving this "top" bankruptcy firm and after I explained my situation, was asked to come over immediately. Attorney Rashid was there, on time with a reassuring smile,willing to help me do what it took to save my home. He allowed me that time to get my taxes done and on Tuesday, the day my home was to be foreclosed ... it was not!

I am very happy to say that I been have approved for my home modification and my monthly mortgage is hundreds lower than they were before.

If it had not been for Attorney Rashid, my home, that I have been in for over 22 years, would have been foreclosed!

He is a consummate professional whotruly cares about his clients. His firm should be labeled the "TOP BANKRUPTCY FIRM" in Houston, possibly the nation.

Thank you again Attorney Rashid for everything ... you are the best!"

-L. H.

""I strongly recommend Rashid Law Firm. Mr. Rashid is an ethical, friendly and highly skilled bankruptcy attorney who treats clients with respect and walks them through the bankruptcy process. Mr. Rashid answered all of my questions in easy to understand terms, recommended resources that would save time and money during the filing process,quickly filed my case and made sure that all of my documentation was in order before my bankruptcy hearing. At my bankruptcy hearing I watched two people ahead of me spend over 45 minutes each arguing their case only to leave unhappy because their documentation was not in order. My hearing lasted a few minutes and my filling was approved. I credit Mr. Rashid's legal arguments and thorough documentation for my case's swift resolution. Also, Mr. Rashid was the second attorney I hired. My previous attorney struck me as unethical and I decided to hire someone else. Mr. Rashid handled my case in a thoroughlyethical, courteous and professional manner. You can trust him to do the same with you case.""

- R.C


"It's the most stressful time in my life dealing with bankruptcy and the first lawyer who screwed me over in austin Texas took money and did nothing but drag it out, and made my stress level sky high. Came here once we moved to Houston and they were able to work with us immediately and file us within a week of full payment. I was so in shock after how badly we were treated by the previous lawyer. Rashid knew texas laws regarding veterans that I would of thought the other lawyer would of known and didn't and he was able to file us promptly. I am so happy with there services and would 100% recommend."


"Mr. Rashid, First and foremost, I want to thank you for making this experience a positive and stress free one. I came into this not knowing what to expect and I have to say that you have diligently proven that you are a professional and genuinely care for the well being of individuals. Thank you very much, I am so grateful."

- L.J.

"Thank you so much, we will refer you to our friends if they needed an attorney."

- E.S.

"Radi has helped me and my family immensly. A friend of mine recomended Mr. Rashid to me after he had to file banckrupcy last year, and i have to say working with Radi has been an excellent experience. I thank my friend for the referral,it couldn't have possibly been easier."

- E. E.

"Mr. Rashid was very helpful in helping me determine a course of action with my situation. His attention to detail and willingness to answer all questions help me put things in perspective and feel confident in my decision. I highly recommend his firm."


"I will recommend Rashid Law Firm to anybody. I am not from Houston and I was a little nervous about filing bankruptcy because I did not know anything about Law in Texas. I researched Rashid Law Firm and found that the reviews were pretty good and the cost for a Chapter 7 was just right. When I contacted the law firm the staff was very supportive and friendly. Working with Rashid Law Firm made filing bankruptcy so mucheasier and stress free. I had issues with getting to the office during the day; Rashid stayed late nights with me making sure my case was done right. I use to email him late nights and each time I got a response back quickly. He educated me on my finances, best bankruptcy filing for me, maintaining a good credit score, and how to get my credit back in good standing. I will use his service again and again if I have too. Rashid Law Firm gets the job done quickly."

- M.R.S.

"Rashid Law Firm is the best choice I have ever made when dealing with financial issues. Rashid wasvery patient, worked late nights on my case, and provided me supporteven after all debt was charge out of court. I will refer Rashid Law Firm to everybody I know and don't know. I was very happy with how Rashid handle my chapter 7 case. He isvery professional and diligent individual who worked overtime all the time. I would like to thank him again for all his hard work and support with my case."


"All meetings with Lawyer Rashid and staff were professional and courteous. All of our questions were answered, and everything proceeded Exactly as advised. I recommend this Law firm to my family and friends."


"Look no further if your gonna file bankruptcy this lawyer has very reasonable rates, he will patiently and clearly explain the process. I was able to pay weekly, monthly or save up and pay all at once I was treated with respect and dignity he answered all my questions and concerns clearly and throughly when it came time to go to court everything went exactly like he said it would was in and out in about 10 minutes...I HIGHLY RECOMMENDING THIS LAWYER PEOPLE LOOK NO FURTHER"


"Mr. Rashid is an excellent lawyer in his area of Bankruptcy. I had an wonderful experience working with him. He processed my case in the shortest possible time. I was in the urge to file my case and complete the court proceedings before I leave for my country.

I would suggest him for any bankruptcy related case filing and advice. He should deserve a five stars for his service to the clients."


"This was my first and only call for a bankruptcy attorney, thank God . Mr. Rashid is truly a master of his trade. He is a very compassionate person, and has made an extremely difficult decision of filing, into a comfortable one. He gave every and all options available, thus allowing a well educated decision. He's been wonderful to work with as he handles every detail of the process, at the same time allowing me to feel confident and stress free. I highly recommend him.



"Mr. Rashid made the whole process so easy and he conducted it in a very professional manner. I highly recommend Mr. Rashid as someone who is not only knowledgable about Bankruptcy laws,but also as someone who is very passionate to help their clients be stress free and make educated decision.
Great Attorney!"


"Probably the most patient lawyer on the planet. I sought out his help in June of 2012 and I did not do everything like he asked until august of 2014. Not only did he win my case he gave me advice on how I should do things financially. I thank him for helping me out and starting a new financial chapter in my life. I will not repeat the mistakes of my past and I have this man to thank for it. Thank you for being patient and respectful Mr. Rashiid"


"Rashid law firm is very thorough and careful with how they handle your paperwork. They spend a lot of time making sure everything is correct and up to date. They also give very good advice that I have found helpful. I think anyone falling behind on debt and who has creditor issues should consider talking to them as they can really help you get ahead of the game so you are no longer underwater."


"For anyone who’s faced the reality that a bankruptcy may be their fate, you know it’s not an easy conclusion or decision to come to. There are many questions along with the gamut of emotions. Do you try to go at it solo or find an attorney you can trust?

Facing those realities myself, after my initial meeting with Rashid, I realized he was the person I wanted to represent me. Never feeling pressured, he clearly explained my options, what to expect and what my responsibility would be to best facilitate the process. Thoroughly answering any questions or concerns I had, he continuously brought me peace of mind – something I had not had in a very long time. His knowledge, professionalism and level of communication from beginning to end were exemplary and I am so very grateful!

If you are contemplating a personal BK, I would recommend Rashid in a heart-beat!!"

-F.A. & S.A.

"Highly recommend Rashid Law Firm to handle your bankruptcy filing. Radi is an excellent lawyer and made the process so easy. We really appreciate the way he treated us throughout the whole process. He isvery smart and down to earth, never made us feel uncomfortable in what can be seen as a very scary and complicated process. I researched several firms in the Houston area and spoke with many lawyers before contacting Rashid Law Firm. When I found the firm online and read the reviews, I decided to give them a call. The receptionist was friendly and really what made me book a consultation in the beginning. After our first meeting with Radi I knew he was the right choice. Within 1 month our case was filed and within 4.5 months we received discharge paperwork from the court. Very pleased with the service we were provided."


"Many times when you only see good customer reviews for a company, it seems like the reviews are manufactured to enlarge the reputation of a company.

I personally experienced exactly what previous customer reviews said about Rashid Law Firm.

Above and beyond customer service is rare . The staff was attentive to detailed, informative, and confident in everything pertaining to my situation."

Rashid Law firm really eased the process for me.

Thanks again!


"Affordable and great service. The process was smooth and it was very straight forward."


"The Rashid Law firm made a difficult time as smooth and painless as possible. Each step was explained fully and all questions answered. Thank you for a great service during a difficult time."


"Mr. Rashid is on of the most professonal lawyers that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He is always there to answer all my questions and very informative. He helped me though my bankruptcy and always kept me updated on the status of my case. I would highly recommend the Rashid Law Firm to anyone that is thinking about filing Bankruptcy. You are truly dealing with a professional when you hire Mr. Rashid. I would like to thank him and his staff for all there hard work on my case and wish you all the best in future."


"Radi is very knowledgeable about bankruptcy law. He explained everything to me in detail including my options. Radi made my bankruptcy experiencestress-free. Thank you Radi for assisting me with getting my finances back on track!!"


"Attorney Rashid quickly handled my filing and answered all questions and concerns i had. He wasvery professional and sincere, really caring for his clients. I totally recommend Atty Rashid."


"Mr. Rashid handled our chapter 7 case after another large law firm started ignoring me after I assume figuring our case was too complicated for them. He guided us step by step and treated us with the utmost respect throughout the whole process. Mr. Rashid cares about his clients and the quality of the service he provides and it shows from the first time you meet him. You can feel confident you have the best counsel available."


"Working with Mr. Rashid was great. He simplified everything for me. To be honest, I never saw bankruptcy as an option for me until I met someone that has worked with Mr. Rashid. The appointment was set the same week, and even when I doubted doing it, he went into great detail on why it would help me. Took me a couple of weeks to decide but I ended up doing it.The calls stopped!!! No more harassing calls or letters. It felt like a weight was lifted up off of my shoulders. Not only that his secretary was always on top of things. She tried to answer as best as she could on any doubts I may have had, not regarding anything legal. Mostly about my meeting of creditors and finishing my second course.I appreciate her as well. All I can say (other than what I just wrote) is thank you Mr. Rashid you made this process easy and very successful for me."


There are MANY more client reviews, just search around online and you will find them. Thank you all.

Meet with a bankruptcy attorney:

When you schedule an initial consult with us, you are guaranteed to meet with an attorney that only practices bankruptcy law. We never use paralegals to screen clients or for initial consultations. You will sit down with a bankruptcy attorney, for free.

Published Author:

Radi M. Rashid is the published author of the book "Bankruptcy: Issues, Rules, & Analysis". It is available on amazon.com.

Free Consultation:

We still believe that your initial in-person consultation should be free until you choose to retain us.

Reasonable attorney fees:

When you consult with us, all fees and costs will be fully disclosed in writing before you retain us and those fees will be fair and reasonable.


We LOVE what we do. Yes, we LOVE helping people get back on their feet financially using the bankruptcy code. We would do it for free if we could. In fact, the saying that if you love what you do then you never work a day in your life definitely applies to us.

We practice only in Bankruptcy:

Bankruptcy is is all we do. We do not practice immigration on the side, or divorce, or criminal defence. Every federal district has its own local rules. Every judge has his or her own standing orders. Every bankruptcy trustee has his or her own process. You want your attorneys to know these details inside and out. That's difficult to do when you practice in multiple states or multiple cities, each with multiple federal districts, judges and trustees.


Active member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys ("NACBA"), and the Houston Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys ("HACBA"). NACBA is recognized as the best and largest consumer bankruptcy association of attorneys in the nation.

Licensed by the Supreme Court of Illinois, the US District Court of the Southern District of Texas, and the US District Court of Puerto Rico.

Convenient Locations:

We have two permanent bankruptcy offices. One bankruptcy law office on the Southeast side of Houston, and the other bankruptcy law office is on the Northwest side of Houston. Click here to see our locations.

Convenient Hours:

We know that most of you work hard for a living. That's why we make sure that our offices are open during the day, sometimes we stay into the evening, and we also are availale some Saturdays. We try to meet when it's convenient for you, not just when it's convenient for us.

Personal Service:

Even though we have over 100 clients every year, we know each and everyone one of them by first and last name. We often feel, rightfully so, that we care more about our clients cases than they do about their own cases. Which is not a problem, leave your financial worries in our office please.


We are rated Excellent by Avvo.

We are rated as one of the top three bankruptcy lawyers in Houston by ThreeBestRated.com

We are rated a perfect 5 out of 5 stars onYelp.

We are rated a perfect 5 out of 5 stars on Google.

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